Survey Team

The role of the Survey Team:

The purpose of this project, Nordic GeoGebra Network II, is to continue, extend and strengthen our established Nordic-Baltic educational cooperation. Nordic GeoGebra Network II will support, develop, benefit from and disseminate experiences from teaching and learning practices as well as the partners’ involvement in research and school development projects aiming at innovative and improved mathematics teaching and learning with the use of ICT. We want to deepen and strengthen our joint efforts by addressing these needs specifically:

  • Focusing on key topics in annual conferences, which are partly based on connected projects running in between the conferences.
  • Establishing a cross sectional collaboration between researchers and teachers in the different countries
  • Surveying the ICT activities in the Nordic - Baltic countries and inquiring influential factors on dissemination and integration of the use of ICT in mathematics teaching and learning

The key topics are:

  1. Learning mathematics through screencast technology and video
  2. Development and use of resources
  3. Teacher knowledge and classroom management in a technological environment
  4. Assessment of mathematical competencies in a technological situation

Work on these key topics will continue between the conferences. A survey team will follow the work on and between the conferences with the aims to get information about teachers’ work within the key topics and about experiences and results from use of the materials produced. Further, the teachers’ needs and teaching interests with relation to the key topics will be surveyed with the aim to improve the outcome of the project by adjusting and tailoring the content. This information will be presented on the project’s website.

The Survey Team:

  • Mette Andresen, University of Bergen (chair)
  • Maria Fahlgren
  • Sirje Pihlap
  • Morten Misfeldt
  • Anna Kairema

The survey team will use the conferences and other contacts with regular mathematics teachers in the Nordic – Baltic countries to collect information and make inquiries concerning influential factors on dissemination and integration of the use of ICT in mathematics teaching and learning in our countries. The survey team will make online surveys between the conferences, and distribute and collect evaluation sheets at the conferences. The results will be published on the project website.