We got the grant for 2013-2016

Publiseringsdato: 19.jun.2013 09:45:58

The Nordic & Baltic GeoGebra Network gets 70 000 EUR from NordPlus Horizontal. The new project period starts October 1, 2013 and ends September 30, 2016. We now have more partners from each country and Latvia as a new member in the Network, as a result we now have representatives from all the Nordic and Baltic countries. We will continue the annual conferences on the use of GeoGebra and ICT in teaching and learning mathematics but with a different structure that involves active teacher-researcher collaborations. We will address 4 key topics in mathematics education, by investigation and collaboration within specific groups of teachers and researchers. Our first key topic will be the possibilities of screencast technology, followed by the development and use of resources. The third key topic is teacher knowledge and classroom management in a technological environment and the last one is assessment of mathematical competencies in a technological situation. Work on each key topic will be started up at a conference, followed up by a seminar meeting and finally a session at the following conference. A survey team will follow the work on and between the conferences.