Key topic groups

From 2013 to 2016 we will address 4 key topics in mathematics education, by investigation and collaboration within specific groups of teachers and researchers.

    1. Learning mathematics through screencast technology and video. At the 2013 conference in Copenhagen, a key topic group will be formed. This key topic group will primarily study and summarize existing knowledge and projects, investigate possibilities for collaboration and describe good educational practices around the use of screencast and video in mathematics education. The key topic group will meet again at a seminar meeting in March 2014 in Iceland and there will be a follow up session on this topic at the conference in Finland in fall 2014.
    2. Development and use of resources. This key topic will be in focus during the conference in 2014 in Finland and two 90 minutes sessions will be allocated for their work. The group will meet during the seminar in Estonia (Jan – March 2015) and share experiences on the material they have created and tested. The group will have a follow up session and a plenary talk presenting its findings at the conference in Sweden (fall 2015).
  1. Teacher’s knowledge and classroom management in a technological environment. The work of this group will follow a similar pattern as the previous key topic groups, that is there will be two 90 minute session for its work at the conference in Sweden in 2015, a seminar meeting in Lithuania/Latvia in 2016 (Jan. – March) and a follow up session and plenary talk at the conference in Norway in fall 2016.
    1. Assessment of mathematical competencies in a technological situation. The purpose of this key topic is to develop practical non-theoretical models for assessment and to share experiences on what works and what doesn´t. There will be two 90 minutes sessions where teachers and researchers will collaborate on this issue at the conference in Norway in 2016.