Anne Bjørnestad

My name is Anne Bjørnestad. I Work in a Norwegian high school as a math teacher, with more than 20 years of teaching experience in all courses in high school mathematics. I also teach at the University of Bergen. I have a course for teachers who follow continuing education where they learn to use GeoGebra in mathematics teaching, and to teach student teachers in mathematics educationAbstract for the plenary talk

Title: Continuing education at the University of Bergen – which content knowledge teachers need in a classroom with GeoGebra?

Last autumn the University of Bergen offered two new courses; MAT621 GeoGebra aimed at secondary school teachers and MAT622 aimed at High school teachers. All participants received financial support through the government funding called «Kompetanse for kvalitet». Both courses last 2 semesters. The courses will enhance the teachers’, at both levels, practical competence in using GeoGebra in their teaching. It will also provide them with knowledge about, and different perspectives on, the use of such a program as a means to the pupils’ learning.The tuition consists of six two-days workshops, and follow-up through the learning platform Moodle. The students are required to get six folder tasks approved in order to pass the course. The students have received summative evaluation during the whole of the course.In this lecture, I will be presenting some examples of the tasks that the students have been working with and a few of their answers. Furthermore I will be presenting some examples of tasks they have been working on during the workshops.


In the workshop, the participants will be offered the opportunity to work with a few of the tasks the students have been working with.