Nanna Filt Christensen

My name is Nanna Filt Christensen, I am 32 years old, and work in a Danish private school as a math and science teacher. I have 7 years of teaching experience from 2nd to 9th grade, primarily in math and science. I concurrently work as an author of math and science teaching materials, where I among other, weekly create files and screencasts for Geogebra for the online teaching resources. I have attended the conference two times before with both a workshop and a talk and enjoy sharing new ideas with fellow Geogebra enthusiasts. I intend to present my ideas and projects as useful and easily accessible as possible.

Abstract for the plenary talk

Title: Moving in sync with Geogebra

We want our students to use

many different kind of new learning- and teaching technology, but at the same time we want them to be more physical active during the lessons. But how can using a computer be combined with a high energy level, playing games and being outside?

This winter I introduced Geogebra geometry to both 2nd and 4th grade and quickly progressed towards working with animations. During that I developed a concept which I have worked with before, primarily in physics and chemistry; so called “student animations”.

The sparkling activity in the schoolyard and class room quickly caught the attention from colleagues, the management, and most important the other students. “That looks exciting! What are they doing with those numbers? Can we go watch? Can we join?” Every week we either did a Geogebra lesson to prepare for the “student animations” or used Geogebra to process the data from the investigations and games.

This August I created a project for all of my four math classes called "Movin' in sync with Geogebra" (3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grade). With that project I really got the physical activity to collaborate fully with Geogebra. We created some awesome class products and had the best time socially. We did a "Math run" and a class mucicvideo to name two segments from the project.

During the talk I will present the projects and some student products, explain the concept of “student animations” and show some inspirational stuff from my lessons - furthermore I intend to convince you that “student animations” is a motivating and fun concept suited for students of all ages.

Abstract for the workshop

Title: Moving in sync with Geogebra - the workshop

In continuation of the talk “Moving in sync with Geogebra” this workshop will offer a closer look at the concept of “student animations”. The participants will be challenged with some children movements, where they have to devise the right Geogebra animation to simulate the reality. They will be paired up to create both a little dance move and a so called “ghost trail” for each other.

Nanna Filt Christensen