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Anders Sanne

Anders Sanne

Anders Sanne studied mathematics at the University of Oslo. He has experience as mathematics teacher in upper secondary school, from the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education, blended learning in mathematics, school development, and teacher training. Anders is now assistant professor in Mathematics Education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In 2008, he founded the GeoGebra Institute of Norway, and Anders is co-founder of the Nordic GeoGebra Network.

Plenary talk

About the Nordic GeoGebra Network

The Nordic GeoGebra Network is a collaboration between teachers, teacher educators and researchers in mathematics education with the aim of sharing materials and exchanging experiences concerning the use of ICT in the teaching of mathematics with emphasis on the GeoGebra software. The Network is granted by Nordplus Horizontal. In this presentation, I will tell about the Nordic GeoGebra Network. What it is, how it started, and what we have done the last six years.